About this blog

acorn Each time when I start a new project or even a small patch, I go back to my former projects to look for a piece of code I have already written and used. If I find one, I tailor it according to my new requirements, essentially reusing it. This saves me a lot of time and makes me sure that my code would be working as expected and that my customers will be secure and happy with it.

These days I decided to upload some code snippets in this Experience blog, so that they would be at hand, clean and ready for reuse and organized for easier access. I believe that they may help someone else too, though most of them (or their equivalents) can be found easily in the numerous blogs and forums on the Net. Occasionally, I will also add links to web sites on topics that have impressed me.

I do not need to hurry, so I am going to fill the blog pages from time to time, whenever a useful snippet comes to hand. So I start with the most basic and simplest examples.

If someone gets mad at this blog for being plain and simple I would advise him/her to proceed to Google.


Vesselin Stoykov, PhD

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